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After manually creating 4000+ flashcards, I've discovered that the biggest mistake people make when doing active recall is neglecting their question formulation skills.

(Why? Cue specificity matters. Levels of processing matter.)

In this guide, I'll show you examples of memorable flashcards you can answer in under 7 seconds.

Inside the PDF, you'll also get a couple of "pro tips" to apply when making your cards, such as:

  • When do you use notes and when do you use Anki? It's all about network redundancy [Page 7]
  • Why you should NOT create questions from the material "as is" [Page 10]
  • How to make flashcards from lists — and what to do when the list swells to more than 4 items [Page 18]
  • The right time to use Anki to prepare for multiple choice tests [Page 40]
  • ...and many more :)

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